The Outset x Homecourt bundle

Celebrity-owned brands The Outset and Homecourt teamed up to create a thoughtfully curated Mothers Day Gift Guide
Gift Guides

For the important women in their customers' lives, The Outset and Homecourt partnered to make shopping a bit easier.

The Outset created a dedicated gift guide on their website, highlighting options for all different types of mothers: the any kind of mom, the busy mom, the active mom, the on-the-go mom, and the wellness mom.

With Canal, they also partnered to create an exclusive detox and destress gift bundle. This product features a blue clay mask from The Outset and a perfectly paired Homecourt Candle. Both products are available on Canal's product network. When customers purchase the bundle from The Outset, each brand will individually ship their products to the end customer, eliminating the need for either to order inventory to facilitate the bundle.