Six & Main Mother's Day Gift Guide

Six & Main, creator of local newsletters, distributed a Mothers' Day gift guide to its readers featuring locally-sourced brands.
Gift Guides

Six & Main delivered to its customers more of what they want: beautiful, locally-inspired products from the markets they serve. Featuring brands from cities like Asheville, Charleston, and Raleigh, their gift guide is perfect for their predominantly Southeastern audience. Using Canal, they were able to sell products from dozens of brands, without ever ordering inventory.

  • Featured Suppliers: LuLu & Oliver | HoneyLuv Design | Rheos | Wixology Candle Company | Simple Times Mixers | iamgirlstephanie | Kylo and Co | Eleven + Jane | Jessica Reynolds | Marble & Steel Craft Chocolates | Matcha Nude | Willow Ship | M+H Beads | The Rustic House | Carry Courage | Methodical Coffee | Esteli Body | Portland Soda Works | Poppington's Gourmet Popcorn | Jeff Pittman | Dream a little ART SC | Toadfish | Carry Courage | Joy Paper Co. | ajdash | Palmetto Craft | Bleu August Studio | Plant Based Candles | Cori Rose Handmade | Elf Leaf Farm

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