Fellow's holiday ‘gift a coffee’ subscription

Using Canal, Fellow powered a gift subscription featuring different roasters.
The gift subscription product featured on Fellow's 'best sellers'

For the holiday season, Fellow featured a coffee subscription on its site, powered by Canal. Featuring some of their top roasters, they offered their customers standard and premium coffee bag options.

In their promotion, they marketed this as the perfect holiday gift that keeps on sipping (we mean giving).

Enjoy effortless access to the best roasters in the world. The Fellow Coffee Subscription delivers curiously delicious, hard-to-find coffees to your door, curated by certified Q Graders: the master sommeliers of coffee. Simply choose the roast profile you’d like and the frequency of shipments, and we’ll start finding your next coffee obsession. We’ll also provide custom brewing guidance for each coffee straight from the roasters, so you can relish every last drop.
— Fellow Products

Fellow is able to offer this experience by creating a product on Canal called "Subscription", with varients for their different offerings (such as premium roasters). Then, they use Recharge, a subscription partner of Canal's, to execute the subscription flow itself.

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