Modern Logistics for Modern Brands

Kate Connors
April 19, 2022
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At Canal, our technology allows brands to offer complementary products and exciting curations to engage new and existing customers, which means we spend a lot of time thinking about brand partnerships. But, our network of brands has taught us that just offering the right products is not enough. The key to successful partnerships is trust. 

When you partner with other brands to offer their products in your store, you have to trust that your customers will get what they ordered from your partner brand on time, every time. Your customers expect (and deserve!) a positive experience, whether their orders are shipping from your warehouse or from your partner brand’s facility. In today’s world, where timelines are stretched thin and there is little slack in the supply chain, it can be difficult to know with absolute certainty that fulfillment will happen on time. 

Stord offers flexible logistics for fast-growing brands

Stord is a modern cloud supply chain company fixing that trust problem by offering a seamless solution for freight transportation, warehousing, packing, and fulfillment, no matter the scale of your brand or your partners. Stord stands out from legacy third party logistics providers (3PLs), where a patchwork of antiquated software and disconnected systems make it difficult for nimble CX teams to get the information they need when they need it. These old-school systems can leave team members and even customers lost in an endless loop of missed deliveries, confusing conversations with 3PL call centers, and lost packages. 

Instead of chaos, Stord offers port-to-porch logistics management built for your needs. With Stord, you can design a custom plan, including kitting, b2b and b2c fulfillment, freight, and more. Stord’s warehouse network has 99% 2-day ground coverage, so you can get your products into your customer’s hands more quickly. And, its cloud-based software connects all of your partners on one platform via EDI or API, making it easy to juggle multiple channels with an aggregated view of your data across your supply chain.

We know how important it is for brands to get logistics right. So, we’re excited to recommend Stord to our network. Stord offers a connected set of logistics solutions designed to scale with you: pay for what you need now, but have the flexibility to grow as quickly as you need. 

At Canal, we’re on a mission to help the best brands connect, simplify their partnerships, open new distribution channels, and make customer acquisition more efficient. With Canal and Stord, your brand can easily execute best-in-class customer experience both pre- and post- purchase. If you’re ready to get started, learn more about how Canal and Stord can help you grow your business without the busywork. 

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Kate Connors
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