Curated: 6 products for the not-so-amateur barista

October 10, 2023
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Welcome to Curated, a series of product merchandising guides, from our team for the customers in your life. In each of these guides, we've selected our favorite Canal products to inspire your next collection.

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For those who find solace in the morning, coffee-making is an art form. The gentle hum of the grinder, the precise pour, the first sip that promises a moment of serenity. For the amateur or not so amateur barista taking their time to get it right starts with the right products.

As we head into Q4, here are our top picks for your holiday assortment—available for merchandising with Canal:

Kalita Wave 185 Stainless Steel Coffee Dripper

By Cafe Supply | MSRP $40.00

Photo credit: Big House Beans

Why we love it: on the surface, the wave-design on this dripper is gorgeous. Its metal body also makes it very strong and perfect for taking when on the go, for use cases like camping. With a flat buttom and three-hole extraction system, it makes for a really clean and flavorful brew.

Baratza Encore Burr Grinder

By Unity Sourcing & Roasting | MSRP $169.95 | Ships free

Why we love it: this grinder has a wide variety of uses. It’s easy to set for classic grinding options like espresso and French press, making it easy for simple coffee lovers. It’s also got over 40 settings for more sophisticated brewers. Plus, it looks great on the counter. 

Classic Latte pour-over packets

By Copper Cow Coffee | MSRP $18.00 (pack of 5)

Photo credit: Copper Cow Coffee

Why we love it: you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for speed, and Copper Cow gets it right here. This pack comes with both coffee and creamer packets to make getting your latte easy, without a ton of equipment. 

850 mL Glass French Press

By Pattern Brands | MSRP $85.00 | Ships free

Photo credit: Pattern brands

Why we love it: For the barista who has all the functional supplies, this French press is both a beautiful object and an artful addition to their toolkit. It comes in several color variants, so there's something for everyone.

Oat Milk Latte

By Taika | MSRP $59.00 (pack of 12)

Why we love it: With this on-the-go latte, there's no compromising between a caffeine boost and just feeling good. Oat milk? Yes. Adaptogens? Yes. Reviews call it 'mindblowingly delicious'—give it a try to see why our team's obsessed with it.

Vanilla Berry Truffle Tea Tin

By Art of Tea | MSRP $69.00 (makes 38 cups)

Why we love it: this product is so delicious and luxurious feeling–from taste to packaging. It’s the perfect giftable product for the tea lover in your life. 

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