Canal is Live on Shopify

Kate Connors
March 16, 2022
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Canal is Live on Shopify

Manage your partnerships, without all the busywork

We’re excited to announce that Canal is live in the Shopify app store. For the first time, any brand with a Shopify store can use Canal’s all-in-one tool for brand partner proposals, commissions, and payments. Negotiate terms, expand your product catalog, and increase AOV, all without holding inventory or managing complicated processes manually.

How it works

  • Easily invite your suppliers and brand partners, choose your commission structure, and add their products to your store’s assortment with a click. Set-up only takes a couple minutes. Profits are split automatically, and you can change your terms whenever you want to. 
  • Get creative with your brand collabs with Canal-powered merchandising. You can add partner products to curated collections, create bundles and upsells, and even build shoppable content that your customers will love. 
  • Leave the rest to Canal. When customers purchase partner products from your store, Canal forwards the orders, and your partners ship directly to your customers. No need to worry about inventory, managing a CSV, or handling shipping pass-throughs.

Drive revenue, not just traffic

Streamlining brand partnerships is not just about making your e-comm team’s life easier (although we’re glad we can help). Canal drives revenue and helps to overcome increasing CACs by reaching consumers at the point of purchase intent; while shopping, instead of post-purchase. By adding complementary products to their catalogs, brands using Canal drive more frequent and larger purchases, growing AOV and LTV by as much as 50% without increasing inefficient ad spend.

Why we built Canal

As CACs continue to rise and traditional methods of customer acquisition deteriorate, brand partnerships are a sustainable way to grow cart sizes and reach more customers in more places. With Canal, we wanted to build a solution that makes it easy to stay organized across your network of external brand partners, whether you work with one brand or a hundred. By removing the need for messy manual calculations and payment schedules, Canal leaves  more time for creativity. Leave the busywork to us and do what you do best: grow your business. 

Install Canal on Shopify

P.S. - Need help finding the right brand partners and products that your customers will love? Our curated brand network helps you discover products that complement your own, from partners you can trust. Learn more and join the waitlist

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Kate Connors
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