Introducing Canal for Creators: the Turnkey Solution for Creator Commerce

Aaron Millberg
March 7, 2023
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For two years now, Canal has been helping the best brands sell more. In late 2021, we launched the Sharma Bodega — our first creator storefront.

Since then, we’ve powered shoppable experiences for celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Ellen Degeneres, icons of pop culture like Deuxmoi, creators like Morgan Drinks Coffee and Carla Lalli Music, and entrepreneurs like Hannah Bronfman.

We've worked with creators to power both evergreen marketplaces and exciting drops for moments like Valentine's Day:

Valentine's Day picks, curated by DeuxMoi

As creators brought these experiences to their fans, the simplicity and support made possible with Canal has been overwhelmingly positive.

I have had the best experience working with Canal. Their team has been available 24/7 to make sure my store is always running smoothly and to troubleshoot any issues. They have gone above and beyond to bring on the products that are right for my personal brand. I can’t recommend their service enough!
— Deuxmoi, Curator of Pop Culture & Best-selling Author

Besides being easy to manage, those who have launched storefronts with us are earning higher commissions than affiliate, acquiring valuable first party data, and reclaiming control over their fan experience. In short, we’re building a better version of creator commerce.

Today, we’re announcing the next step on that journey: the Canal for Creators toolkit

Canal for Creators is an all-in-one toolkit for bringing together the businesses you’ve built and the products you love in a single shoppable destination, owned by you.

This includes Shopify site templates, access to a network of the highest quality brands and products, dedicated partnerships to handle pain points like customer service and returns, and so much more. It’s now easier than ever to launch your own store and unlock your earning potential. 

Why launch your own store with Canal? 

When creators work with Canal, they can create a shoppable experience that outperforms traditional options like affiliate linking. Here's how: 

  • Higher earnings: average commission for creators within the Canal network is more than 30%, 2-3x what’s available on the major affiliate platforms. When you launch your own store, you don’t rely on the outdated tracking technology the affiliate platforms use, meaning you never miss out on commission for a purchase you influenced. 
  • More control: with Canal, you sell products on your own platforms, meaning you control the entire customer experience. No more sending your fans to multiple retailers to buy your affiliate products. Checkout happens in one cart, on your site and on your terms. 
  • Ownable customer data: when you sell through your own store, you own the customer data. This can be used to drive more sales through email, SMS, and advertising. You’ll also learn more about your audience and can use that information to drive better commissions, future brand deals, and even inform your content. 
  • Tools & partnerships designed to increase revenue: Canal’s best-in-class dynamic shipping offering increases conversion rates and profits, while our customer service partnerships create a seamless buying experience. 

Turn your audience into customers with Canal

We're excited to announce that our new toolkit, Canal for Creators, is available for select creators. Join our waitlist here to get first access to these new tools.

P.S. While we’re excited to be expanding our offerings for creators, our commitment to helping the best brands sell more is stronger than ever. If you’re not in the creator space but are interested in learning more about how to partner with creators, or Canal more generally, please reach out.

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Aaron Millberg
Talent Commerce Lead
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