15 Stocking Stuffers to Add to Your Shop this Holiday

November 2, 2022
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Get ready to expand your online marketplace offerings with the best stocking stuffers of 2022! With Christmas just around the corner, ecommerce retail brands have been hard at work building their 2022 holiday gift guides and holiday catalogs with the best, must-have products this holiday season.

But don’t let your merchandise team stock the same old stacks of magazines that no one will ever read or a year’s supply of tic tacs that even Kevin McCallister wouldn’t want. Today’s inflation-impacted shoppers want better choices and are increasingly buying more meaningful, intentional gifts for friends, family, coworkers, and other special people in their lives. 

According to Deloitte, inflation will likely curb holiday ecommerce shopping habits this year, with holiday spending averaging $1,455 per household. Consumers also plan to purchase fewer gifts (nine gifts versus 16 gifts in 2021) for family and friends:

“High prices have holiday shoppers prioritizing their purchases, but there are bright lights throughout the season. As consumers aim to be strategic about their purchases to outsmart inflation, retailers who can be flexible to meet consumers where they are will be more likely to build loyalty and profit from the holiday season and beyond.” — Nick Handrinos, Consumer products leader @ Deloitte

With that in mind, companies are turning to brand partnership platforms like Canal to offer their customers some of the hottest gifts and stocking stuffers as they prepare for the holiday shopping rush. We recently released our Holiday 2022 Lookbook that features a wide assortment of exciting products that cost less than $26 and are sure to please any shopper. 

Who should curate and sell stocking stuffers?

By forging strategic brand partnerships with top suppliers through Canal’s network, brands can improve their curation strategy by gaining instant access to online collections of high quality products—including stocking stuffers! 

More importantly, these items can be dropshipped directly to customers from suppliers, thereby eliminating the traditional risk of buying, holding, and managing inventory. Some companies that can benefit from using a brand partnership platform include…

Brands with marketplaces

Any retail brand that runs an online marketplace may want to consider expanding their product assortment with fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). These products have high turnover and are generally bought frequently, consumed rapidly, priced low, and sold in large quantities. Products like stocking stuffers can also be bundled with core products to entice and attract consumers and boost average order values (AOV).

A great example is Diaspora Co., a direct trade, single-origin spice company that runs a vibrant marketplace. Alongside their own products, they also curate and sell products from brand partners through Canal’s network.

Publishers that create gift guides

Holiday gift guides are always popular this time of year. But instead of using affiliate links, why not streamline the buyer’s journey and make a larger commission on every sale? 

Online publishers that use a brand partnership platform like Canal can allow customers to purchase curated stocking stuffers directly from their gift guides. Orders are then fulfilled through dropshipping, and the publishers get to capture a larger piece of the customer spend.

Creators that make holiday content

Content creators that have built loyal audiences may want to curate and sell stocking stuffers this holiday season, too. By partnering with trusted suppliers through Canal, creators can quickly and easily add products to any blog, channel, social media post, or website and begin promoting the items through engaging holiday content.

The best stocking stuffer gifts to dropship

By definition, stocking stuffers are usually small, inexpensive gifts that can be placed with others in a Christmas stocking. For retail brands, these products can not only complement core offerings and categories, they can easily become impulse buys that shoppers add to their carts—thereby increasing basket sizes and boosting revenue. Below are some of the best stocking stuffer gifts to dropship for your marketplace this season.

Rosemary Honey Moscow Mule Sachets ($25)

Each sachet has an expertly portioned blend of all-natural ginger, rosemary, and honey. For a picnic-worthy, herbaceous flavor that’s perfect every time, steep in vodka for 3 minutes. Each box contains 8 sachets.

“Chloe and I are both major foodies and huge F&B enthusiasts. We really were making the cocktails for ourselves. For the spicy margarita, we wanted to find the right level of spice to appeal to a broader audience. And we didn’t just want it to be one-note. That’s why we have pequin peppers in addition to jalapeño in our margarita” — Alison Nathanson, Co-founder @ SAYSO

Alison Nathanson and Chloe Aucoin are the founders behind SAYSO (previously Steep’t Cocktails), a premium cocktail company based in NYC. SAYSO sells cocktail tea bags that are mixed with water, alcohol, and ice to create unique cocktails.

Don’t miss the chance to sell Sayso’s very popular Rosemary Honey Moscow Mule sachets in your marketplace this holiday season. A pack of 8 sells for $25, making these stocking stuffers a great choice for any cocktail enthusiast.

Nightcap Candle ($22)

When it’s time to unwind, nothing goes together quite like bourbon and tobacco. Wixology’s nightcap candle blends the spices of Cuban tobacco with sweet notes of vanilla, the perfect close to the day. Included is a Manhattan recipe, the quintessential whiskey cocktail that dates back to the 1800s.

“We focused on candles with the Kentucky culture element in mind. The answer was bourbon. Since candles are often in glass containers anyway, why couldn’t we use whiskey glasses instead of generic containers? And maybe each scent could reflect the notes of our favorite cocktails? And we can include a recipe card that the customer can use to make that cocktail.” — James W. Vermillion III, Co-founder @ Wixology

James Vermillion and Alex Janesz are the founders behind Wixology Candle Company, a business that incorporates the spirit of Kentucky bourbon-based cocktails and other classic cocktails into delicious smelling coconut-soy wax candles. Unlike other candle retailers, Wixology’s candle wax is poured into high quality, old-fashioned glasses that can be reused as cocktail glasses or plain drinking glasses after the candle has been burned. 

Wixology’s Nightcap Candle not only smells great, but their wax is 100% plant-based and their hemp wicks are lead free, making them a sustainable and recyclable product that will make a great stocking stuffer for $22.

Pure Dark Chocolate Bar ($15)

Where it all begins. Spring & Mulberry’s sumptuous dark chocolate is crafted by hand using just three delicious, organic ingredients: cacao beans, cacao butter, and dates. The result is a rich, velvety bar that celebrates the true flavor of chocolate with 0g added sugar.

“Our dream is to be the next Godiva. Basically, be a Godiva for a modern consumer who wants a beautiful, elegant, simple brand and wants high quality, nutritious ingredients.” — Kathryn Shah, Co-founder, Spring & Mulberry

Kathryn Shah and Sarah Bell are the two founders behind Spring & Mulberry, a Raleigh N.C.-based premium chocolate brand that uses dates to sweeten its treats instead of sugar. Shah, a breast cancer survivor, was inspired to focus on the quality of ingredients in food, which led to her experimenting with dates, fruits, nuts, and cacao, and discovering a depth of flavor and range of sweetness that are the foundation of their products today.

A few of Spring & Mulberry’s most enticing flavors include Mixed Berry ($15), Lavender, Bee Pollen, Rose Petal ($15), and Mango, Urfa Chili, and Black Lime ($15). The company’s Pure Dark Chocolate ($15) is also a bestseller, making it a great stocking stuffer to add to your product assortment for your holiday marketplace.

Couplet Coffee Tote ($15)

This adorable tote bag is sure to turn heads. Use it to carry your favorite book or even a flower for that special someone! Available for a limited time only.

“To me, accessible and inclusive means an affordable price point, a helping hand on the journey of coffee discovery and brewing at home, as well as curated coffee beans and equipment that make sense for you and your needs as a coffee drinker.” — Gefen Skolnick, Founder, Couplet Coffee

Couplet Coffee is a specialty coffee company founded by Gefen Skolnick, a first generation immigrant, proud queer woman, and coffee lover. Couplet is made up of a diverse team of baristas, poets, artists, and community builders who want to bring the love and joy of great-tasting, specialty coffee to the masses.

While Couplet sells a range of coffee blends and starter kits that include exclusive moka pots and French presses, the company also sells super popular merch as well. One of the best stocking stuffers you can add to your holiday marketplace this year is their limited edition tote bag, which sells for $15.

Pet Bag Dispenser ($10)

Picking up after your pup should be easy. Diggs’ patent-pending dispenser keeps poop bags easily accessible so you can take care of business and get back to enjoying your walk together. Includes one roll of Poop Bags to get you started.

“We create differentiated and innovative products that raise the bar for safety, functionality and aesthetics. Diggs is also building a community of pet parents and pet professionals to help educate about training and pet safety.” — Zel Crampton, CEO & Founder, Diggs

Founded in 2016, Diggs is led by CEO and founder Zel Crampton who started the brand after experiencing personal frustration with poorly made pet products after adopting his dog. Digg’s mission is to improve the safety, happiness, and health of pets through thoughtful design and innovation.

While the attractive and collapsible Revel Dog Crate is the company’s core product, Digg also sells a variety of other innovative bestsellers including pet carriers, walking gear, and treats. A great stocking stuffer that can be sold through dropshipping is Digg’s poop bag dispenser, which retails for $10. This product is perfect for the discerning pet owners out there and is sure to make a great addition to your holiday gift collection.

More small holiday gifts to dropship

Want to see some other holiday dropshipping products that are featured in our Holiday 2022 Lookbook? Check out these must-have options to fill your online storefront with even more trendy stocking stuffers under $25… 

Stocking stuffers (almost) under $25

  • Art of Tea Tea Snob Mug ($26) — This MiiR 12-oz Tea Snob Cup is vacuum insulated to prevent your fingers from scalding whether you're at home, the office, or in the wild unknown.
  • Truff Mini Hot Sauce Set of 4 ($25) — Truff has meticulously crafted a flavor profile for its hot sauce from ingredients normally reserved for fine tequilas, delicate delicacies, and elegant dining experiences.

Stocking stuffers under $15

  • Courant Airpod Case ($13) — Courant’s Italian leather AirPods cases give you the opportunity to both protect and aesthetically upgrade your AirPods. 
  • Esker Nail Brush ($12) — Clean, buff, and smooth your nail beds with Esker’s Nail Brush. Composed of grass tree wood and all natural bristles, the nail brush can be used in the shower or bath.
  • CAMP Guac Ping Pong Set ($14) — The only thing getting smashed in this game will be your opponent! So avo go at CAMP’s portable, You Guac Served ping pong game.
  • Red Moose Sneaker Whitener ($11) — Restore the original white color to all your sneakers. An advanced polymer formula and whitening agent makes worn, dirty sneakers look like you just took them out of the box.
  • Multitasky Silicone Travel Bottle Set of 2 ($14) — Introducing the only travel bottle you'll ever need - these kitty-shaped silicone travel bottles are small, portable, and TSA-approved. 

Stocking stuffers under $10

  • Vacation After Dinner Mint Lip Balm ($5) — A refreshing SPF 30 Lip Balm inspired by the much-loved “After Dinner Mint” candy found in hospitality venues worldwide.
  • Poo-Pourri Before You Go Spray ($10) — It’s Poo hunting season and you won’t miss with a pure blend of cedarwood and citrus natural essential oils.
  • Moon Whitening Toothpaste ($9) — The ideal balance of charcoal, antioxidants and silica for the best charcoal toothpaste.

Curate and dropship holiday gifts with Canal

Brands that want to gear up for this holiday season with the best gifts and stocking stuffers must partner with other value-driven brands that supply original, high quality products. You can find these brands and products on Canal, a brand partnership platform for supplier discovery and dropshipping automation.

Partnering with holiday product suppliers on Canal is easy:

  1. Contact us about joining our curated network by completing the form below
  2. Send ecommerce partnership proposals to premium holiday product suppliers
  3. Add stocking stuffers to your storefront with a simple ecommerce integration
  4. Automatically pass through orders to suppliers and collect commissions
  5. Discover new premium product suppliers and repeat step two!
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