4 Candle Dropshipping Suppliers to Illuminate Your Storefront

September 30, 2022
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For your storefront to glow, you need high-quality candles that illuminate long before they flicker out. But it’s challenging to source the right candles from reliable candle dropshipping suppliers. If you look in the wrong places, you could deal with questionable suppliers and contend with limited partnerships.

Many candle suppliers have dropshipping programs but the manual nature of the programs limits them to serving only a few partnering storefronts. Spreadsheets are used and dropship orders are shared via email. This prevents scale and creates operational overhead. The candle supplier Wax & Wick, for example, caps its dropshipping program and can only work with a limited number of partners.

Dropshipping marketplaces like Doba have ecommerce platform integrations that enable scalability and automate the sharing of dropship orders between partners, but storefronts are unlikely to find high-quality suppliers in free-for-all dropship markets like this. Also, suppliers run the risk of having their candles listed alongside questionable products and brands.

A brand partnership tool like Canal provides more robust automation than these marketplaces and offers a highly curated network of candle suppliers. In this article, we’ll look at some of the suppliers in our network and talk about who should enter into partnerships with them.

“I started Spoken Flames to meet an unmet need, reimagining candles as a more immersive, inspiring, and personal experience.” Shavaun Christian, founder of Spoken Flames, a candle supplier on Canal

Who should dropship premium candles?

Candle dropshipping companies ease the logistical strain of ecommerce partnerships so you can focus your efforts on merchandising, marketing, and identifying trustworthy products from other intentional brands. If you identify with one of the following categories, there’s a good chance you can benefit from dropshipping premium candles.

  • Thoughtful brands with comfort-seeking customers. Brands that sell their own products and services to customers who seek peace, relaxation, and comfort can increase AOV and customer LTV by dropshipping premium candles. Home furniture and decor brands are obvious examples, but comfort-driven clothing brands like Andie sell candles to women interested in their form-fitting swimwear. On the service side, NY Pilates sells Maison Louis Marie #04 because it’s the scent they use in their studios.
  • Curated marketplaces that sell complementary products. Niche, trusted marketplaces must partner with reliable suppliers that deliver quality products to keep customers coming back. Otherwise, people will go to behemoth marketplaces like Amazon that grapple with quality but offer endless aisles of candles and unbeatable delivery times. Examples of specialty marketplaces that sell premium candles include Cupcakes and Cashmere, Madewell, and Standard Dose.
  • Thoughtful creators with comfort-seeking followers. Content published by online magazines, creators, and influencers who talk about intentional living can benefit from dropshipping premium candles. For example, instead of using affiliate links in their article The 19 Best Luxury Candles to Burn, the publisher Town & Country could directly sell the candles they recommend without holding inventory.

The case for dropshipping premium candles

In addition to keeping readers on their website, Town & Country and other content creators could increase ecommerce revenue from 2-10% in affiliate commissions to 20-40% in dropship commissions. This is the typical commission range for brands that partner with candle suppliers and suppliers of other premium products on Canal. 

One brand on Canal partnered with suppliers to generate $250,000 in revenue from supplier products. This happened in less than one year after starting their first dropship partnership on the platform. Average order value (AOV) increased by 17% for orders containing supplier products, driven by cross-selling supplier products, bundling supplier products with native products, and creating a curated marketplace of supplier products.

If you have a good idea for selling complementary products like this brand did, partnership and fulfillment logistics are no longer an issue. With Canal, you can find and sell candles on your website in just a few clicks, and there’s no need to keep stock of inventory. Whether you’re using Shopify, social media, a popular CMS like WordPress, or something custom, finding and dropshipping the best candles is easier than ever.

The best candle dropshipping suppliers

We curate premium candles from suppliers with the strongest values and most unique features. Partner with brands like Wixology that sell candles in reusable cocktail glasses, and brands like Spoken Flames that sell immersive candle experiences powered by augmented reality.


Kishmish offers 100% natural soy wax candles made in the USA. It’s a female-founded company with deep roots in South Asian culture that creates candles with an artisanal hand-pouring process. The candles are vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

Connect with Kishmish on Canal to dropship the Ghar ka Khana candle, a co-branded candle with the single-origin spice company, Diaspora. It has notes of bay leaf, cardamom, clove, and peppercorn.


Snif is an LGBTQ-founded company that offers cruelty-free, plant-based candles. The company has a try-before-you-buy policy, allowing customers to “snif” the vegan soy wax candles before they pay. Chartering into new territory, Snif’s try-before-you-buy kits are disrupting the fragrance market and address the primary fear customers face when buying candles: uncertainty over the aroma.

Connect with Snif on Canal to dropship these candles:

  • Birds and the breeze: Mimosa petals, jasmine, galbanum, and cedarwood come together to keep you grounded while also elevating your space.
  • Ditch plains: We’ve captured the smells of this east coast surfer’s paradise in a blend of neroli, tuberose, rum, cedarwood, and amber.
  • Hidden youth: Inspired by desert landscapes, this candle has a relaxed and earthy harmony of pink pepper, rhubarb, vetiver, mineral woods, and juniper.

Spoken Flames

Spoken Flames is a black- and female-founded company making premium candles with a proprietary coconut wax blend. Each hand-poured candle is made in the USA, including dual wooden wicks sourced from US-based, FSC-certified mills. Spoken Flames’ candles also offer augmented reality mobile integration so customers can enjoy visuals and sounds that accompany their burning candle.

Connect with Spoken Flames on Canal to dropship these candles:

  • F, Yes trio set: An elegant range of woody, citrus, and floral scents. Named one of the “Best Candle Gifts to Give” by Architectural Digest
  • Focused: Soothing vanilla mingles with eucalyptus and grounding sandalwood to encompass your senses.
  • I can. I will. I did.: Affirm your success with this invigorating scent fusion of lemon, eucalyptus, and pinewood.

Wixology Candle Company

Wixology Candle Company combines mixology with refined aromas, housing each candle in a reusable cocktail glass to promote sustainable use. The coconut soy wax blend candles are eco-friendly and made in the USA.

Connect with Wixology Candle Company on Canal to dropship these candles:

  • Bluegrass mule: A Kentucky spin on the refreshing classic, our Bluegrass Mule candle delivers notes of ginger beer and fresh limes with light notes of vanilla.
  • 2-pack bourbon lovers: This candle set features two of our best-selling scents each in a 7 oz. glass at a discount— Bourbon Neat and Barrel Aged Cider.
  • Nightcap: Our nightcap candle blends the spices of Cuban tobacco with sweet notes of vanilla, the perfect close to the day.

Dropship premium candles to illuminate your storefront

To stock your storefront with candles that satisfy refined tastes, you can strike up a brand partnership with one of the premium suppliers outlined in this guide. Canal provides a go-between partnership platform for you and the suppliers who can ship orders on your behalf.

Partnering with candle suppliers on Canal is easy:

  1. Contact us about joining our curated network by completing the form below
  2. Send ecommerce partnership proposals to suppliers
  3. Add products to your storefront with a simple ecommerce integration
  4. Automatically pass through orders to suppliers and collect commissions
  5. Discover new suppliers and repeat step two!
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