5 Pet Dropshipping Suppliers To Revitalize Your Business

October 16, 2023
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The pet products market soared to an astounding $320 billion in 2021 and it's projected to skyrocket to $500 billion by 2030, according to Bloomberg Intelligence. Even in a market saturated with a plethora of pet products, there's plenty of room to carve a niche, engineer innovation, and captivate modern pet enthusiasts.

Pet dropshipping provides a golden opportunity to diversify your business. But, finding top-quality pet suppliers that support dropshipping can be a complex endeavor. Major brands selling wholesale or private label pet products are everywhere, but they often lack the uniqueness needed to truly engage customers.

Fear not! It's now easier to find niche pet product brands offering distinctive items. Here at Canal, we've refined a network of premiere pet suppliers to provide you with seamless product syncing, commission allocation, and dropshipping logistics.

In this article, we spotlight exceptional independent suppliers in the pet dropshipping sphere.

Who should consider dropshipping top-tier pet products?

Niche pet product suppliers handle the complex details of manufacturing and sourcing innovative goods, so you can hone in on growth, network expansion, and cultivating relationships with your customers. If you identify with any of the following arenas, pet product dropshipping could be your calling:

  • Pet brand: If you have your own native products, but could benefit from having complimentary products to drive more sales.
  • Pet tech firms: Those offering pet-focused technology can broaden their range through integration of distinctive pet products.
  • Pet influencers: Content creators, from bloggers to YouTubers focusing on pet-related content, can leverage their influence to monetize through collaboration with pet product brands.
  • Veterinary clinics: By recommending select products, these establishments can provide a comprehensive pet care approach to pet parents.

Prime pet dropshipping suppliers

Canal will guide you towards the best pet suppliers known for their creativity and quality. Here's a specially curated list.


Rowan's Canal profile

Collaborating with a Board-Certified Veterinary Dermatologist and a Clean Beauty Chemist, Rowan strives to deliver safe, premium-sourced ingredients, all made in the United States and enclosed in recyclable packaging, truly defining what it means to be eco-friendly in the pet industry. Their offerings not only assure cleanliness but also contribute to better health outcomes for your little friends.

Your Canal dropshipping lineup from Rowan could include:

  • Urban Chic Dog Jacket: Perfect for the city-dwelling dog, fusing fashion and functionality.
  • PawProtect Boots: Keep your dog's paws clean and safe during walks.
  • Canine Cooling Vest: Ideal for summer outings, ensuring your pup stays cool.

Botanical Bones

Botanical Bones' Canal profile

Botanical Bones is centered on recipes that use only human-grade ingredients. These promote immunity boosts, instill calm, and contribute to the overall wellbeing of dogs across the board. Sourcing quality ingredients, keeping pace with the brand's quick growth, and valuing community involvement drive the brand.

Through Canal, dropship offerings from Botanical Bones like:

  • Lavender Calming Biscuits: To help soothe anxious dogs.
  • Turmeric & Ginger Bones: A tasty treat designed for joint health and overall wellness.
  • Minty Fresh Chews: Ensure your dog's breath stays fresh after snack time.


Shaya's Canal profile

Rooted in luxury, Shaya is dedicated to the creation of elevated essentials for both pets and humans. The brand's name derives from the ancient Persian word for "worthy" and the Biblical meaning "gift from God." Driven by the noble purpose of honoring the animals we cherish, they emphasize the unique bond between humans and pets, and how they coexist harmoniously.

Included in the dropship menu from Shaya through Canal are:

  • White Croc Pet Carrier: A fashionable, relaxing carrier for your four-legged friend.
  • Clean-Up Purse: Keeps pet waste bags within reach without sacrificing style.
  • Nappa Leather Leash: Balance elegance and strength during those daily walks.


Springer's Canal profile

Springer is a women-owned small business, spearheaded by a dynamic mother-daughter team (and their adoring dogs). Their mission is straightforward yet effective: to create innovative dog essentials inspired by the real-life challenges they've faced with their own pups. They're committed to developing products that adhere to the highest standards of design and functionality, endeavouring to make life more enjoyable and easier for both pups and their owners.

Curated dropship items from Springer through Canal:

  • Adventure Harness: Created with a focus on comfort, it's ideal for long treks and runs.
  • Mini Dog Travel Bottle: An innovative, indispensable accessory for keeping your pet hydrated during travels.
  • Reflective Night Collar: Perfect for evening walks, guaranteeing visibility and safety.


Diggs' Canal profile

Revolutionizing the pet comfort space, Diggs puts the focus on design, safety, and comfort. With an emphasis on engineering, Diggs aims to taint the old way of making pet crates and beds by creating something earth-shattering. The brand prioritizes tailor-made solutions for pets, focusing on their needs. Diggs' products not only offer a safe space for your furry friends but also serve as stylish additions to your home decor. 

Handpicked products to dropship from Diggs through Canal:

  • Revol Dog Crate: An easily collapsible crate that blends safety and aesthetics.
  • Groove Training Aid: Smoothes the process of crate training for a more effective outcome.
  • Snooz Orthopedic Dog Bed: Provides optimal comfort, particularly beneficial for older dogs.

Create Connections with Pet Suppliers via Canal

To furnish your clientele with top-notch pet products, leverage Canal to establish ecommerce collaborations with the suppliers highlighted above. Such partnerships offer more than just dropshipping - they can lead to co-marketing opportunities, turning simple "dropshipping agreements" into invaluable brand alliances. Here at Canal, we're ready to help you find, cultivate, and profit from these unique partnerships.

For a deeper dive into the world of dropshipping, check out our comprehensive guide: Is Dropshipping Worth It? A 2023 Comprehensive Guide.

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