SHEIN scales its marketplace with Canal

With the help of Canal, ecomm giant SHEIN introduces new brands to its marketplace.

While SHEIN is generally known for its own fashion products, it also offers an online marketplace of 3rd party products on its mobile app, reaching more than 15 million US customers daily. This marketplace offers a broad range of products and brands, beyond its apparel and accessory native products.

So how to scale an already growing business?

Keep its marketplace fresh by easily introducing new products. To do this, SHEIN turned to Canal's marketplace and catalog management solution of top DTC brands.

An example of a Canal brand, Aloderma, on their marketplace

With Canal's efficient Supplier onboarding portal, SHEIN launched 70 new Supplier brands in a matter of weeks. Matching its assortment strategy, SHEIN now offers a diverse set of products from Canal brands like Cori Rose, BALLS, Bask Suncare, Zimba Whitening, Adina Eden, and the patch brand, among many others.

Each new brand onboarded has its own dedicated profile on SHEIN and maintains full control over merchandising details.  In addition to these Canal products being offered on SHEIN's app, they're also promoted on the website homepage banner and ongoing app and website promotions alike.

Desktop view of Canal Supplier, Cori Rose
The patch brand's profile on mobile

Example of a product from the patch brand on mobile