Andie's add-on sunglasses

Swimwear brand Andie compliments their core products with the perfect add-ons.

Swimwear brand Andie has their core offering perfected: a collection of women's swim that's comfortable, cute, and size-inclusive. In addition to swim, they offer lounge wear and accessory products to round out edits and a year round shopping experience for their customers.

Using Canal, Andie offers add-on, third-party products on its 'More to Love' carrousel, featured at the bottom of collection pages—like these Colors In Optics sunglasses:

These add-on products are a great example of curating a few complimentary products to round out your customer's purchase. You don't need a full collection.

These Canal-powered products also live on their own dedicated Sunglasses page, making it easy for customers to find again.