How Great Jones used Canal to boost AOV 66%

A creative and fast-growing leader in the kitchenware space, Great Jones grew 
sales by making scalable partnerships a core part of their strategy with Canal.
weeks to launch
brand partners onboarded
higher AOV on orders with Pantry Pals
Running and growing a business, especially in this economy, is grueling and often isolating. Canal makes it easy and truly fun to team up with other leaders — many of whom are or have become friends and trusted partners — and share in the growth together.
Sierra Tishgart
CEO & Co-Founder at Great Jones
Using Canal, this colorful cookware brand has scaled its brand partnership efforts, making them a key part of their marketing strategy.

• Take their brand partnerships from social to their own site, at scale

• Create a complementary product collection to boost sales

A fresh approach to cooking 

Founded in 2018, Great Jones set out to create a fresh, fun alternative to the legacy alternatives in the cookware space. Their mission? To empower home cooks, and help people make their kitchen their happy place. Over the past few years, they’ve built a community of over 250K Great Jones enthusiasts as they share recipes and cooking inspiration, both online and with in person events, with their audience.

Since their early days, Great Jones has experimented with brand partnerships as a part of their marketing strategy. And through its relationship with Brightland, a DTC olive oil brand, Great Jones was introduced to Canal as a way to scale their partnerships to the next level. After being originally being featured as a merchandised product on another brand’s website, Great Jones explored Canal’s functionality and realized they could use Canal to launch their own creative spin on a marketplace.

Cooking is better with pals 

After learning about how Canal acts as the enablement layer between brand partnerships, Great Jones dreamed up the perfect collection of ingredient products to add to its DTC site. Living alongside their native cook and bakeware products, these partner products were hand-selected by Great Jones’ team as top kitchen ingredients that paired perfectly with their own native products to complete a night in cooking or hosting for friends.

The collection features products like like Fishwife’s Smoky Fish Trio, Pineapple Collaborative’s Apple Cider Vinegar, Basbaas’s Somali Sauces, Sfoglini’s Pasta, and Jacobsen Salt Co.’s Flake Finishing Salt.

Their Ingredients marketplace live

In addition to careful curation, Great Jones also led a coordinated launch with co-marketing efforts with their partner brands; with integrated social, email, and press, they created buzz and drove to drive traffic to their site. When customers browsed these new ingredient products, they also added Great Jones’ own products to cart.

Boosting sales with add-on products

Even as a lean team, Great Jones was able to stand up 20 new brand 
partnerships – including negotiating commissions, shipping rates, and variant selection – in a matter of weeks.

After an aided set up of the Canal app and dedicated support from Canal’s team to stand up the new page on their website, Great Jones saw a boost in sales from repeat customers. Since launching, orders including Canal-powered products have been 66% higher on average. 

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