How Fellow built a $2M+ marketplace on Canal

Fellow partnered with Canal to turn their customers into a new revenue stream and launch a third party marketplace.
In annualized Canal-powered sales in 2024
Of all orders in last 90 days include a Canal-powered product
Higher AOV for orders containing partner products
Thanks to Canal, our customers don't need to leave our website to buy everything they need for their coffee bars. It's a seamless way for us to offer quality products from other brands we trust.
Maile Lesica
CCO at Fellow
With ambitious online growth goals, Fellow partnered with Canal to turn their coffee-loving customers into a new revenue stream and launch a third party marketplace.
  • Grow revenue and AOV by introducing more frequently purchased products.
  • Enhance digital shopping experience without R&D and inventory.

Completing the experience for growth

Amongst coffee lovers, the Fellow brand is synonymous with exception design. Its core product, an award-winning kettle, as well as its grinders and drinkware have amassed a cult following over the years. In 2022, Fellow began thinking about their next stage of online growth. Recommending complementary products such as accessories and coffee, hand selected by their team, seemed like a natural way to expand their sales by building on the trust they had earned over the years.

As Fellow explored this growth initiative, their team realized people would want to purchase products they were recommending. Not by walking out the door to a grocery store, and not by clicking a link to another site, but from the brand’s trusted storefront. With this approach, Fellow could introduce more buying opportunities for their customers and create a new, incremental revenue channel.

Automating third party sales with Canal

Canal facilitated ecommerce between Fellow and its rotating collection of partner products with its brand partnership tool. Fellow used the supplier onboarding feature to introduce their brand partners to Canal and the proposal feature to negotiate terms and commissions.

After proposals were finalized, Canal automated product data syncing, commission payouts, and order pass-through so these partner brands could fulfill orders on behalf of Fellow. The best part? Onboarding took minutes, without timely integrations or steep upfront costs.

Attribute influence directly to revenue

As Fellow’s audience and marketplace grow, so do the number of orders with partner products and inventory-less revenue. Recommended products are also accessible by everyday site visitors through an evergreen marketplace that is enriched as new items are recommended to the community. Items are purchased directly from the marketplace, included in product bundles, and recommended in cross-sells to increase AOV.

Products chart
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