How Diaspora Co. spiced up an annual drop

With a limited-time drop around the corner, Diaspora partnered with Canal to bring their community a long-awaited product with streamlined logistics.
increase on site conversion during week of drop
of returning customers bought Kadipatta plants
of customers ordered multiple plants
Working with Canal really streamlined this process for us, and allowed us to scale a product launch in a way we wouldn't have been able to if we were still cross-checking every order on a spreadsheet.
Dena Holper
Ecommerce Manager, Diaspora Co.
Using Canal, beloved spice brand Diaspora broke record sales with its annual release of a Kadipatta plant. By working with Canal, they streamlined order fulfillment while bringing this exclusivity to their community.

•  Boost sales for a popular annual product drop while streamlining ordering & fulfillment.  

•  Re-engage a waitlist of thousands of customers  to drive conversion.

Building on an authentic and engaged community

When it comes to Diaspora, one thing is for certain: its customers are connected with the heart of the brand. With a large customer base and thriving channel on Discord, The Disapora Collective, fans of the brand chat all things spices, plant care, and recipes between product purchases. Last year, Diaspora partnered with a nursery to do something novel—sell a Kadipatta, or curry leaf tree, through its site from a local nursery named Kula.  

When the plant sold out, they left the product page up, collecting a waitlist of thousands of customers interested in the next drop. And when it came to planning their 2023 release, they knew they wanted to make it bigger than ever.

The sold out Kadipatta Plant landing page

Streamlining logistics to invest in marketing

Despite successful sales, their 2022 release involved a manual process that was difficult to manage—taking their attention from marketing, a crucial ingredient for the success of this release.

To drum up excitement and sales, the Diaspora team invested heavily in a coordinated promotion strategy through their social channels and email. By teasing the arrival of the product, they re-engaged their waitlist audience from last year in anticipation of this year’s drop.

They also activated their community in an authentic and helpful way: Kadipatta plants, despite being a South Asian household essential, are known to be very difficult to care for in North America. Leveraging their Discord group, Diaspora offered free care guidance from their head horticulturist and focused on creating a complete maintenance guide for the plant.

Introducing Kula on their site, as well as care instructions for the Kadipatta

When they were ready to launch, their team announced on social, through email blast to their waitlist, and on their Discord community.

Scaling sales and conversion with Canal

As sales began to trickle in, these orders went directly to Dispora’s Shopify backend and to its nursery partner, Kula. Having already onboarded Kula to Canal, the two partners agreed on commission terms and set up the PDP on Diaspora’s site to sell the plant. Customers checked out as normal on Diaspora’s site, with a single checkout despite ordering from another brand.

The result? A record-setting 2.5x increase in site conversion during the week of release, and an impressive 9% conversion rate amongst returning customers.

"Working with Canal really streamlined this process for us, and allowed us to scale a product launch in a way we wouldn't have been able to if we were still cross-checking every order on a spreadsheet," shares Dena Holper, Diaspora's ecommerce manager.

When the plant quickly sold out again, Diaspora kept the landing page live, collecting emails for future product drops.

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